Best Natural Gout Remedies - Treating Gout Attack

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Published: 11th January 2011
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Gout is a disease common to middle-aged men and women who have passed their menopausal stage. This goes with unbearable pain, inflammation of the joints and redness of the affected area. How does this gout form? If the body, specifically the blood contains a lot of uric acid that couldnít be dissolved as expected, they form needle-like crystals in the joints of the knees, ears, elbows, fingers, wrists, and the big toe.

Food intake is one of the greatest factors that contribute to the increase of uric acid inside the body. No one wants to suffer the kind of pain gout can cause. Hence, best natural gout remedies are supplied around that could be helpful to treat the condition.

Various factors may cause gout and the lack of potassium is one of them as it can increase the level of urate in the body. Banana is a common source of this mineral. Thatís why it is considered as one of the best natural gout remedies. If the body lacks potassium, the obvious solution for this is to take in foods that are rich in it.

Bananas can help relieve the pain and inflammation of the affected area of the body. A diet of eight to nine bananas daily is also good to remedy your gout because it doesnít only include potassium but other minerals as well, which aid in the suspension of the uric acid crystals. Beans, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and vegetable juices are also good source of potassium.

Cherry is full of enzymes that aid in counterbalance of uric acid, thus preventing the attack of gout. Not only that, it is also a good supply of anti-inflammatory compounds that will reduce the swelling or inflammation of the joints. This has been consistently used by people from years ago until now because it has proven its effectiveness in dealing with gout.

To prevent gout attacks, 8-10 cherries must be taken in daily to lessen its indications. But in times of gout attacks, it is best to have 15-25 cherries right away to lower the pain felt by the affected body part. Cherries can be blended, made into juice, and canned. But it is still best t have it eaten fresh.

Garlic and ginger are also best natural gout remedies. Having some raw cloves of garlic daily or mixing chops of it in black cherry juice is an effective remedy for gout. In the case of ginger, grind and put 1/3 cup of it into a bathtub of water. Bathe the affected body part for about half an hour. Ginger will trigger sweating and is good in removing uric acid from the tissues. Just make sure to completely wash again because ginger is capable of forming skin irritations.

Apple cider vinegar is among those considered as best natural gout remedies that is used and proven to be effective. With rose hips, boil vinegar and rub down on the affected part of the body a few times a day to eradicate the uric acid out of the body. It is also effective to drink a mixture of tablespoons of raw honey and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar every meal. You may also bathe your foot in three cups of hot water and 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar.

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