How to Pass a Kidney Stone Safely and Effectively

Published: 07th February 2011
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Most people that are searching the internet to find ways to get rid of the pain from passing kidney stones, how to pass a kidney stone, or even how to avoid getting them. Rarely are people trying to find out how they can pass a kidney stone in a day or less. So, we have decided to change things a bit. Give you an answer to a question you didnít ask.

If you truly want to know the secret of how to pass a kidney stone in a day, you will soon be delighted and the holder of some very useful information. Although, some of the methods in this article are a little, letís say different they can prove to be beneficial in getting your kidney stones to pass within one day.

This first remedy should cause you to chuckle, to say the very least. However, keep in mind the old saying your mother told you, "Donít knock it Ďtil youíve tried it!". For this remedy you will need to buy some large watermelons. Fill your bathtub with warm water and slice up those watermelons. Sit back and relax in the tub while eating the watermelons. If you feel the need to relieve yourself, go ahead. But stay in the tub. Continue eating and refilling the tub as the water cools off until you have passed the stone. This can take a few hours depending on how large the kidney stone is and how many there are.

Now for a down to earth approach. You should begin increasing your amount of water you drink daily, as long as it is safe for you to do so. Consult your doctor before you increase your water. In addition to drinking one 8 oz cup of water every waking hour you should incorporate 2 glasses of either grape juice, V8 juice, orange juice or carrot juice could also be beneficial.

Shake your booty! Get off the couch and get some exercise. You can go walking, roller skating, playing ball with the dog or swimming. Any activity that can get your blood pumping is better than nothing at all. As long as exercise is safe for you to do you should begin a regular regimen. Some believe if you drink a lot of approved liquids you can begin jumping up and down in 5 minute intervals you can shake the kidney stone into removal.

Now that you know how to pass a kidney stone in a day, what method are you going to use? Weigh your options carefully against any possible medical issues you have. Once you have decided on a specific treatment, call your doctor and make sure it is safe for you to do. Then, after you have the approval of your doctor, go ahead and put your remedy into action.

Alvin Hopkinson is a leading health researcher in the area of natural remedies and kidney stones treatment. Discover how you can get rid of your kidney stones for good using proven home remedies, all without using harmful medications or drugs. If you enjoyed this article, you might also like: Kidney Stone Diet Plan

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