Kidney Stones During Pregnancy - Treatments and Precautions to Consider

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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Kidney Stones During Pregnancy - Treatments and Precautions to Consider

Pregnant women are most likely to suffer from kidney stones than those who are not pregnant. They are at high risk because they are advised to take more calcium and some vitamins that increase the risk for kidney stones. Kidney purifies blood that passes through it including impurities from the over the counter drugs and anything that passes through it that contains impurities. That is treatment for such stones is advisable to minimize the risk of having further infection.

Although kidney stone doesn’t directly affect the infant inside the womb, treatment is needed to protect the mother and infant. The problem may arise if the infection spreads and affects other parts of the body. To take precautionary measure, pregnant women are advised to have a regular examination in the hospital or clinic. Seeking help from the doctor for those who are suffering from kidney stone is another way of preventing further infection.

For pregnant women, options are limited because the fetus inside her womb is also as delicate as the kidney. That is why it is much easier to cure and give prescription medicine to those who are not pregnant. Otherwise, the doctor places a stent into the bladder of the pregnant woman to let the kidney stone pass through it if getting rid of the stone is necessary.

It is therefore necessary to change our lifestyle and avoid eating foods that are rich in animal protein to prevent from stones. Try eating more fibre rich food that helps clean our body. Also, avoid strong tea, coffee, chocolate, peanut, cola, and spinach because they contain oxalate that causes the formation of the stones.

Drinking more fluid than usual will likewise reduce dehydration. Dehydration is the depletion of body fluid in the body. The reduction of fluid in the body can add to the risk of having a kidney stone. During pregnancy, women may feel pain in the body due to the pressure added because women gain weight during pregnancy. Instead of drinking over the counter medicine, a freshly squeezed lemon juice can help relieve pain and other associated symptoms.

Kidney stone during pregnancy treatment is better than waiting until the child is born because this may lead to infection of the other parts of the body. Avoiding factors contributing to the formation of these stones is advised so as not to aggravate the condition. There are too many options available to choose from. So why worry when you have a choice!

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