Reduce High Blood Pressure with Reiki

Published: 16th April 2008
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Unfortunately, high blood pressure affects many men and women everyday. It is also occasionally diagnosed amongst children. Yes, hypertension can be a suffocating disease, but it can be controlled. Many physicians simply prescribe medications to lower the blood pressure. Yet, you can take your life into your own hands. It is possible to reduce high blood pressure with Reiki. The concept is not well known, but effective never-the-less.

First, allow me to start off by introducing Reiki to you. Reiki is a system that was developed and dedicated to the work of a theologist named Dr. Mikao Usui. This system is flexible; therefore it can be effective for anyone. The natural healing system is designed to do just that. If successfully executed, it can heal you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

This passage will assist you with focusing on your objective. More so, you must be totally dedicated to the system in order for it to be effective.

1. You can use the Reiki treatments to energize you. Specifically, this natural healing system will energize you when you fell lethargic or calm you when you are feeling anxious or afraid.

2. You can use the Reiki treatments to restore and maintain. One of the benefits of Reiki is that it is extremely beneficial for tension/stress reduction and relaxation by triggering the body's natural healing abilities.

3. Finally, Reiki provides the additional energy needed to recover from illnesses. Reiki will increase vitality while simultaneously slowing down the aging process.

Reiki is performed by the simple touch of the hands. This incredible healing process allows a natural flow of the energy from a limited source (sometimes referred to as God's source) to the body of the patient from the Reiki practitioner. Imbalances occur due to the disruption of the "Life Force Energy."

Essentially, the practice is extremely powerful, the energy is gentle. Thus, you may want to explore the concept of reducing high blood pressure with Reiki. It eliminates most symptoms of hypertension, thereby restoring imbalances and restoring good health.

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