Ringing Ear Natural Cure - 11 Simple Tip You Can Follow

Published: 30th June 2010
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Ringing in the ears if not treated or given cure early can cause a very serious problem. You can hear unusual noises in your ears that sometimes do not disappear. Ringing ears can also make us anxious because it threatens one of our senses.

It could be a bit scary to think that we are in a situation wherein there is a possibility that we will lose our sense of hearing. To be able to hear the sounds around us is a great gift for us because we are given an opportunity to understand it.

However, ringing sounds are warning signs that there is a possible damage occurring inside our ears. So, it is only appropriate to determine the cause of this problem and look for the possible ringing ear natural cure.

Ringing in the ear is often experienced because of extreme exposure to loud noises. Brain stimulation that leads to anxiety also causes ear ringing. This anxiety attacks are due to too much intake of alcohol and caffeine.

Depression is also one of the factors that results to high blood pressure which leads to brain nerve stimulation, thus causing ear ringing. Knowing these predisposing factors leads us to search for ways to take care of our ears either naturally or medically.

Some people often engage in the cheaper and natural approach when it comes to treating certain diseases. Below are some of the recommended ringing ear natural cures:

1. Frequently eat freshly cut pineapple rings to improve blood circulation.

2. Try using Gingko biloba. This can improve blood circulation, therefore preventing ear ringing.

3. Use nasal spray composed of 1 teaspoon glycerin and a teaspoon of salt dissolve in a pint of to effectively reduce ear ringing.

4. Oils of cypress, lemon, rosemary and rose used in aromatherapy are also good in the circulation of blood.

5. A regular diet with raw garlic and sea vegetable included are also proven to improve tinnitus.

6. Sesame oil ear drop is also one of the alternative ways.

7. Goldenseal herb can also be used solely or combined with black cohosh to lessen ear noises. 

8. Fenugreek seed, mistletoe and sunflower made as a tea relieve tinnitus symptoms.

9. Vegetable and fruits rich in zinc such as spinach can reduce ear ringing.

10. Aside from sesame oil, castor oil drops can also be used. Pour at least three to four drops a day in the affected area and cover it with cotton.

11. Onion juice given as a drop three times a week can also be a good natural cure.

Ringing ears are not easy to treat. That's why taking care of oneself is very important to avoid this certain condition. We must also try to sleep well, free ourselves from stress, pressures, conflicts and depressions to maintain the balance and proper functioning of our body.

But most importantly, aside from taking in consideration the ringing ear natural cure, we must make it a habit to have a medical check up to further evaluate our body's condition and health.

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