Treating Tinnitus - Seeking the Right Ear Doctor to Treat your Tinnitus

Published: 15th April 2010
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In treating tinnitus, the most recommended suggestion is to consult a doctor or an ear specialist. Finding the right doctor is also important to make sure that your tinnitus will be properly diagnosed and evaluated.

Treating a tinnitus disorder becomes a different matter if the general practitioner finds you in good health and your vital signs are normal based on your physiology and lifestyle.

In fact what you may be experiencing is not just a simple case of tinnitus but actually the onset of permanent hearing loss. Hence, it would be best if you know the proper medical procedure to ensure that you are being treated by the right kind of doctor. Know or at least have an idea about their fields of specialization as far as treating tinnitus as a prelude to hearing loss, is concerned.

General Practitioners

They are usually the family doctors, also known as Primary Care Physicians. They deal with the basics and have no specialized training in treating tinnitus syndromes related to ear problems.

In fact, ear specialists will still require you to see a general practitioner first, to ensure that your ear problems are not as basic as ear-waxed clogged canals.In treating tinnitus problems, your family doctor can only take care of your outer ear and ear canals.

If your family doctor establishes that you have no particular disorders in these ear areas, examining your middle ear up to its inner recesses will now require some form of expertise or specialization. The general practitioner will refer you to an ear specialist as a matter of procedure.


These is the official medical title of doctors who have specialized training in treating eyes, nose and throat problems. Since the title is quite difficult to pronounce and recall, they are simply called ENT Doctors or eye specialists, ear specialists or throat specialists. As far as treating ear problems are concerned, ENT doctors specialized in their study of ear problems from the mid-ear level and inwards.

Hence, the matter of treating tinnitus syndrome concerned with the distresses, impairment, defects, deformities and any degeneration of the ear structure starting from the middle ear up to the inner recesses will be undertaken by an ENT specialist.

The most common ear problems handled by ENT doctors related to treating tinnitus are otosclerosis and cholesteatomas. Otosclerosis is a cause of tinnitus wherein the tiny spike-like bones in the middle ear area have grown hard and inflexible, thus losing its ability to respond normally to the sound waves. Cholesteatomas on the other hand are ear tumors found in the middle ears.

In case the ENT doctor is unable to detect possible causes of tinnitus other than those covered by his field of expertise, the next medical professional to turn to is the ENT doctor who went into further fields of ear specializations.

Otologists or Neurotologists

These doctors started out as ENT specialists then later on pursued higher learning as medical doctors specializing in otology or neurotology. Otology is the branch of medicine classified as biomedicine that deals with the study and treatment of ear diseases, diagnosis and treatment of the ears in relation to its physiology, anatomical structures and pathological occurrences. These doctors are concerned not only in treating tinnitus but are also involved in developing tinnitus treatment methods.

After knowing the differences between these doctors, you should perhaps consider visiting an Otologists or Neurotologists and seek their expertise in treating tinnitus problems.

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