Treatment for Gallstones - 5 Symptoms that Tell if Gallstones Treatment is Necessary

Published: 10th December 2009
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Based on medical records, gallstones sufferers do not experience any signs or symptoms that indicate the presence of gallbladder disorders. Often, it will only be detected as a result of examination procedures related to some other diseases.

If not, it is said that it can go undetected for as long as 5 years before the symptoms will finally surface. Once the symptoms become evident, it is an indication that your gallbladder has taken a turn for the worse. How then can we tell that treatment for gallstones is now necessary

The accumulation of gallstones over the years will result to gallstone blockage at the common bile duct. This very blockage will result to the accumulation of fluids that will swell and stress the ducts as well as the gallbladder.

This cannot be prevented from happening because the liver will continue to secrete bile fluid that will cause the ducts to swell and enlarge. The very swelling will cause what is known as biliary colic reaction, which will signal the need for treatment for gallstones.

Biliary colic will bring about signs to indicate that the gallbladder disorder is worsening. Here are the following 5 signs

1. The sufferer will feel a constant abdominal pain which does not go away but will only vary in its intensity. In some cases, the pain can be felt at the upper right part of the abdomen.

2. The intensity can last for 15 minutes or even for 4 to 5 hours. Should the intense pain last for more than 5 hours, it is an indication that complications have already taken place. There is now a possible need for surgery as treatment for gallstones.

3. In most cases, nausea may accompany the intense pain.

4. The pain can sometimes take place around the shoulder blades area while in some cases it can be felt just below the breast bone which can be mistaken as a symptom of a heart attack.

5. The pain will subside but will not really go away. The explanation for this is that, the gallstones have shifted positions in the bile duct area where there is less swelling.

As a person grows older or gains more weight, the undetected gallstones will likely result to complications. The bile ducts will be requiring surgery due to the excessive stressful effect of the fluid buildup. This complication will now call for surgery as the best way to remove the gallstones.

In some cases a person's health condition will render him as not suitable for anesthetic administration, thus the treatment recommendation will be non-surgical or alternative forms of treatment for gallstones

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